Houdini the Cat

Hi, I'm Houdini; I pretty much run the place.  I've been at Country Pet Shoppe since I was an abandoned kitten in need of a home - that was over 12 years ago. 


I like long naps and chasing treats.  My favorite game is to bat treats out of the air with my paws and then pounce on them - I'm pretty darned good at it too!

I do very important work at Country Pet Shoppe: I taste test the cat treats to make sure they meet my high standards for deliciousness, I test the pet beds for comfort, I patrol the store at night to prevent any rodent free-loaders from trying to make off with our goods and I pose among the products and displays to showcase how attractive they (and I) are.  I even have an Instagram account (Houdi.the.cat), I'd love for you to check it out some time!

Cyrano our other Cat

I'm Cyrano, named after Cyrano de Bergerac (because we both have a big nose!). I actually am a PAWS BINK foster kitty living with my great friends at Country Pet Shoppe while I wait for a forever home of my own.  I love dogs and kids and being with people.  I have a bit of a sinus issue that gives me a runny nose and eyes, but I'm all in all a healthy cat.  Come visit me!

We are Degus (pronounced day-gooz), native to Central Chile.  We are distantly related to chinchillas and are kind of like chipmunks. We enjoy burrowing, chewing on things, and hanging out with each other and our friends at the pet store! 


We were originally in a family home, but the family realized we weren't really the kind of cuddly pets their children were hoping for, so now we live at Country Pet Shoppe.

Edna & Agnus the Degus

Sugar the Rabbit

Hello! My name is Sugar and I'm a Hotot/ Lionhead rabbit. My favorite things are treats and head scratches!  

I started out with a family, but they were very busy with all of their sports and activities so they thought I might be happier here at Country Pet Shoppe where I could meet more people and get more attention.  I am happy - and I love it when people come visit me!

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