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The Critters of Country Pet Shoppe

Country Pet Shoppe does not currently have any full-time pet residents.  Over the years we have had many critters that have lived or worked (day-times) at the pet shoppe.  They all still live in warm corners of our hearts.  The pets shown here on this page are the pets that lived at Country Pet Shoppe in the most recent years. We continue to showcase them here to share their happy, furry memories with those of you who remember them as a part of Country Pet Shoppe. 

Houdini passed 10/31/2018

Houdini was a very special cat and a treasured part of our pet shoppe for over 14 years.  We used to joke that he pretty much ran the place; he had quite a following.  


Houdini used to love long naps, visits with his pet shoppe friends and chasing after treats.  

Houdi was a rescue kitty who did very important work at Country Pet Shoppe: he taste tested the cat treats to make sure they met his high standards for deliciousness, he tested the pet beds for comfort, and patrolled the store at night to protect us from rodent free-loaders making off with our goods.  He was especially good at posing amongst the products and displays to showcase how attractive they (and he) were.  

Houdini the Cat


I'm Cyrano, named after Cyrano de Bergerac (because we both have a big nose!). I lived at Country Pet Shoppe for a few years, so you may remember me.  I was actually a PAWS BINK foster kitty living with my great friends at Country Pet Shoppe while I waited for a forever home of my own.  As it turned out, Rebecca (the owners' daughter) fell in love with me and now my forever home is with her.

Edna & Agnus the Degus

We are Degus (pronounced day-gooz), native to Central Chile.  We are distantly related to chinchillas and are kind of like chipmunks. We enjoy burrowing, chewing on things, and hanging out with each other and our friends at the pet store! 


We were originally in a family home, but the family realized we weren't really the kind of cuddly pets their children were hoping for, so we came to live at Country Pet Shoppe.

Now, we have moved into a forever home of our own.

Sugar the Rabbit

Hello! My name is Sugar and I'm a Hotot/ Lionhead rabbit. My favorite things are treats and head scratches!  

My first family got very busy with sports and activities so they brought me to Country Pet Shoppe where I could meet more people and get more attention. 

The pet shoppe was lots of fun, but then I got a forever home of my own with 2 little girls who love me very much - which is even better!

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